Scrap Steel – Ferrous

Scrap Steel – Ferrous Every year 650 million tons of scrap steel – ferrous is recycled. By 2020 the global demand for scrap iron will reach over a 1 billion tons. Where is the extra 400 million tons going to

Scrap Metal – Nonferrous

Scrap Metal – Nonferrous Scrap metal – Nonferrous is the second-most traded commodity in the world. And demand for nonferrous metals is intense. The past few years demand for scrap has shifted away from China. The US market has gained

Electronic Scrap

Electronic Scrap Electronic Scrap is the fastest growing scrap stream in the world. This unique commodity yields valuable precious metals, base metals, and several grades of plastic scrap. Many scrap yards are now accepting this commodity, thus increasing demand due

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What's New

What’s New

I’ve spent the last three months developing, a new website for the scrap iron industry. Scrap iron is currently the hottest commodity in the world, with global demand soaring everywhere – especially in Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan.

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They provided us with excellent information and a whole range of ideas to help us get started. Their knowledge of how to structure a business is impressive. We will definitely use them again as our business grows.

Paul CEO at PPM - NY

Mark streamlined our dumpster pick-up schedule, logistics, labor hours, commodities pricing structure, and selling schedule of our scrap; which saved us thousands of dollars and increased our revenue by $14,000 a month. I highly recommend him if you need any help or business analysis.

Chris owner, Rainier Hauling Co.