Scrap Iron & Metals

We source, procure, and make markets for ferrous & nonferrous metals; including bulk shipments, ferro-alloys, hi-temp, and rare earth.

Recycling Projects

We help individuals and companies set up Scrap Yards, Recycling Centers, and Landfills + Transfer Stations. We also assist in Water Recycling and Landfill Reduction Projects.

Scrap Projects

We handle all kinds of projects from demolition, scrap processing, shipbreaking, as well as oil rig & pipeline decommissioning.

Procurement Services

We provide scrap iron & metal procurement services for steel mills, brokers, traders, smelters, and foundries.

Waste To Energy Projects

We assist with Waste To Energy, Renewable Energy, and Green Projects. Other projects include, but are not limited to: Gasification, Hog Fuels, and Land Reclamation.

Start A Scrap Yard

There are several types of scrap yards: feeder yards, processing facilities, ferrous & nonferrous, exporters, and bulk facilities.

Start A Recycling Center

The demand for raw materials is greater today than it was yesterday and it will be greater tomorrow than it is today.

Start A Waste Company

Believe it or not, there are plenty of places in the world without garbage service, let alone regular waste pick up services.

Start A Landfill

A landfill is only part of the equation: incinerators, recycling, and land reclamation all work together in one form or another.